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15 Edinburgh Street
Auckland 1061

P O Box 59008
Mangere Bridge

Ph: 09 636 5406
Fax: 09 634 6354
Mobile: 027 476 4002


About Weldlok Grating Ltd


The Team

Bruce Graham and partner Frank Giudici are reknowned throughout the industry for their knowledge and professionalism. Together they have formed an unbeatable alliance combining experience, expertise and personality. This means they have been able to innovate and fulfil the specific demands within the grating and largely the structural steel industry.

What is unique and ensures Weldlok Grating and Weldlok NZ Limited being one of the best is the fact that 'the workforce' is the company. The team of ten offer an average of 40+ years' experience. This experience is passed on to their clients throughout every project.

Weldlok have offered walkway grating for years. They have expanded their range to offer forge welded as well as their traditional diamond range of grating, ex-stock or made to order, including specialised available in stainless steel.

Such is the pride in the history of Weldlok that goes back over 40 years a brief commentary from Bruce and Frank follows:

We are regarded as the steel grating specialists that can deliver real peace of mind for any project and any budget.

Our experience and capability means we've solved countless problems for clients over the decades.           

When it comes to steel grating, we know we've got it right .......... and we pass on this peace-of-mind to our clients during their business with us.

We have supplied the oil, forestry, pulp & paper and dairy industries, along with treatment plants, steel mills, aluminium smelters, and the building industries - industrial, commercial and residential.

Don't hesitate to contact us.

We take pride in the many successful project outcomes and welcome any interesting challenges along the way...........

The team at Weldlok have the product and the solutions.

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